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    I am so so so sorry that you had such a callous nurse/midwife. That is so not fair. One of my most vivid memories is a labor and delivery nurse asking me if I *always cried this way* when my son was arriving four months early. What we need is support and a very scary and trying time. I am glad to hear that the ER nurses were kind. This might solidify my decision to go into antepartum doula work - so that something like that doesn't happen to another woman in physical and emotional pain.


    Um, yes. Yes, I *always* cry when there's a very real chance that my baby might not survive. Duh.

    I think you would make an outstanding doula. You have a great gift for empathy and patience.

    Great to see you here, BTW!


    Sigh... for the amount of pain and suffering miscarraiges wreak (I've had three)... I STILL can't believe how inept medical staff seem to be about helping women through this ordeal. Unbelievable. And... I'm so sorry...

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