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    Well, I would never go to one of my high school reunions. But that is mostly because I hated high school. I am only still friends with one person I went to high school with - very good friends, but still only one. I agree with your take on the whole reunion thing anyway. If you are feeling vulnerable and you are in a bad place - maybe not going would be best. If there are going to be people who you want to see and who will bring you up - support you - make you feel better - then maybe you should go. Will you look back on it and regret not going?


    Nope. I've got plenty of other things to occupy my brain, anyway!

    I couldn't go to my last reunion (my 16th - a weird number), because I was in Albuquerque for work (heh, remember?). I haven't lost any any sleep over that. I imagine I won't over this one, either.


    See a few weeks ago for my experience with 20 year reunions. I didn't go and I don't regret it a bit!


    Oh good, I'll look. Thanks, T!


    I deffo would not go! If I wanted to keep up with anyone from school, I already do.


    Yeah, my BF just told me that she's out. And I agree, I already see the people that I want to see. But, last night I figured out my stupid reason for still thinking that I might go: BECAUSE if don't then it will have been because I am childless & heavier than I'd like to be, and I can't face people. And that just seems sad and rather loser-ish. I know I shouldn't put that crap on myself, but somehow it lurks in my mind.

    Arg. I know I should just say no, and put it out of my mind. In 6 weeks it'll be over, and I will have moved on. But, dammit, they had to go and extend the deadline until Nov. 1. Now I've got another week and a half to mull it over. Shit!


    I wouldn't go to my hs reunion if you paid me in pointy-toed shoes. (Yep, I'm a people person.) I have enough reasons to feel like a loser right now without feeling like I need to compare myself to a bunch of people I haven't seen in 12 years.

    Thanks so much for your comment the other day. Love your blog.


    I agree:

    pointy shoes - yay!
    people - mmmm....well, it depends.

    Glad Thalia pointed me to your blog, though I'm so very sorry to hear that you've hit a particularly bad spot. I'm thinking of you, and I'll be back to check in, for sure.


    I'm almost ashamed to admit that I actually organized my ten year reunion four years ago. I enjoyed myself. But I think that's still young enough that we were all more interested in having our fair share of drinks and hookups (not that I did the latter, being married already) than in comparing with each other. However, I definitely won't organize again, and don't think I'll go again either - while I had a good time, I mostly hung out with the people I'm still friends with and hang out with anyway. No need for the other freaks to get in the way! And I'm sure that as we get older and more and more have kids the comparisons will get worse and worse. I say screw 'em! And I totally don't think you're a loser for not going to something you don't want to go to.


    Yeah, probably best to avoid those "Marge" types, right?

    And, I have to say that blogging has already helped me to feel better about myself. I've "met" so many great women with similar stories. I don't look down on them one bit, and I'm starting to give myself that same break.

    Still, I'm pretty sure that I'll be skipping the reunion. It's just too soon for me to even deal with it at this point. Think I'll wait 'til 2010!

    tx, Nico!

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