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    I had never seen the second one. That definately would have made for an interesting about image lol.


    Yeah, you know, I've only come across it once before. I think there was a story about in Time Magazine, or something. I'm pretty sure that the painting was kept tightly under wraps until some time in the 20th century. And even at its modern-day unveiling at the Musee d'Orsay it caused quite a stir. I'm sure you won't find that surprising!


    That second one is really a very appropriate image for an infertility blog - the depersonalised sex organs, the exposure with a sense of shame given the sheet over the head. Go on, I dare you to go with that one, at least for a few weeks!


    I like your interpretation, Thalia. Oh, and a challenge! I think perhaps I will pop that one up there up some point. I've got something a bit tamer lined up for tomorrow, though. There's an old girl who's been on my mind a bit lately. I think she'll fit in there quite nicely.


    Somehow we never got to that second one in any of my college art history classes...


    As I scrolled down and caught sight of the 2nd one, it actually took me awhile to realize what on earth that was!
    I'll be looking forward to checking out the art over here!


    Hi Lori, nice to meet you. I was glad to find your blog yesterday. And, uh yeah, sometimes I worry that when I've got my blog open that people will think it's a porn site. Oh well, let 'em wonder I guess!

    fisher queen

    Chiming in on the second painting: I think it's perfect. I found it beautiful first, shocking second, and only then did I begin to think it was ugly...and is that right to think? It's a thought process that looks a lot like my experience with TTC/infertility. I'm looking forward to your other selections.


    Oh wow, great read, Fisher. I'm just blown away by that.

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