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    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they've found The Problem and you'll be able to go on and have a baby.

    Keep posting!!


    glimmers are definitely good. Also hoping that this is the problem, and you'll soon be moving on to a healthy, happy baby!


    I'm thrilled that you have some information to go on... a real live clue, if not a total explanation.

    Lisa P.

    Hi Pixi... found you from Mare's campfire (we're sharing log space!). Just read your entries and am glad they seem to have found something that's fixable next time around.

    I'll be reading!


    Thanks, everyone. I am pretty happy about this new development. Although, I called to make the appointment today, and I found out that the staff needs to have a "discussion" about my case to decide when I need to be seen and by they'll get back to me. Oh, well. I guess we've all come to expect these blasted waiting periods, no?

    And, hi Lisa! I see that we're hanging out by the fire together over at Mare's. I stopped by your blog today, and I've added you to my roll. Nice to meet you!


    A possible lead is better than nothing at all. I am so glad to hear that there may be a treatable reason for all of your struggles. I hope something positive comes out of all of this heartache.


    Oh, a diagnosis. It may not be the airplane to the future, but it could be the cab to the airport. I really hope there's something diagnosable (and therefor fixable!) going on for you.


    Good stuff, Pixi. I hope this takes you a huge step closer to the Answer, and thus the Solution. And I hope they get back to you very soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


    Oh I'm so pleased there is something treatable. Hoping that this is it.

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