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    I really, really hate the fact that having been pregnant for the majority of this year, I (a) do not have a baby and (b) DO have the pregnancy weight gain. Cause it's not bad enough that I've endured sickening grief and am confronted by shiny happy pregnant women every freakin' day. No... on top of it all, I get to carry around an extra 25 pounds with nothing to show for it.

    I hear you, girl. That photo is a work of art, though!


    The photo is beautiful pixi - you are quite the artist. I feel for you on the weight gain. Having lost a lot of weight, the last year has seen me regain half of it through comfort eating and less exercise. It upsets me, but as many people wrote on my post last night, there are only just so many things I can worry about at one time.


    Thanks, Lo. I did crop the photo to maximize the visual appeal of the proportions. Too bad I can't do that with people's real life view of me!

    And, yes, it is just the pits that women who struggle with reproductive issues often end up with another reason to be disappointed with their bodies. Not fair.


    That's a good way of thinking about it, Thalia. Though, I have been following your new lifestyle efforts, and I'm finding them inspiring. I might not be able to do a total overhaul right now, but some small steps would probably help me feel better.


    For a split second I swear I wondered how you managed to get a picture of my protruding stomach onto your blog!? We could be stomach twins! So, um, there's that. I ordered $150 of healthy groceries to be delivered today but seeing as how I've returned to my wine glugging ways I don't see myself shrinking anytime soon. Oh well...


    Aw, honey, you deserve a few glasses of wine. But then, you deserve to feel good, too. It's great that you're investing in some good healthy food. I'd love to hear how things go with that.

    Your comment really made me laugh! Thanks for that, mm.


    Every day at the moment, I think "Right. Today is the day that there will be no sugar eaten!". Unfortunately, I am not winning. Maybe tomorrow!


    P - I've tried giving it up, too. If only I didn't love it so much as I do!


    Wow - what an amazing shot. It really is beautiful. You are very courageous to not only take such a picture and examine yourself in that way, but to also share it with us - yay you!


    Thanks, amy. It has helped to laugh about it and share with people who sympathize. I'll be thinking of all these great comments as I shove myself into a pair of control top pantyhose this morning! No seriously, it is taking the edge off of the shame.

    Oh, and I was so busy yesterday that I didn't have time to overeat. Sometimes if I can get just one day under my belt, I can keep going with it. So here's to day two!

    I'll be eating birthday cake on Sunday, though, to celebrate that little miracle of yours.


    YAY! A new blog to add to my MUST-READS!

    a) LOVE the art connection you will be pursuing... as a frustrated artist I'm greatly looking forward to that spin on infertility

    b) Adore the belly photo... and although others have already said this... I'd swear it's my belly. Ever since my miscarriages THAT'S what my belly has looked like. I HATE it... but found such beauty in looking at yours that it somehow now seems easier to deal with. So... thanks.

    c) Your ACCOUNT of above noted belly... is also taken directly from my inner monologue... and therefore... is oddly comforting.

    Now I have to backtrack and read your other posts.

    Cheers! (Oh... forgot... thanks for the comment on my blog... never would have found you otherwise!)

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