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    Happy Birthday! I hope the coming year brings lots of joy and dreams realized.
    The sketch is just beautiful. Made my heart ache just a bit as it captures so much tenderness.
    I hope you have fun plans to celebrate.


    Happy birthday! The sketch is fantastic, and I envy you for your artistic abilities. I could try to do something similar, but it would probably come out looking like a deformed elf with gangrene. Or something.

    Again, happy birthday. I hope it's a great one.


    I'm wishing you a very happy birthday. I hope your 39th year brings you what I hope for for my 40th year. We've both got a lot to hope for, although I can't do it as beautifully as you do.


    Happy Birthday! The date came up in my Yahoo reminders and I thought I would check in to see how things are going. I hope this year brings you some happiness. Your sketch is lovely and I know you are sad and broken and aching. You are loved by many - myself included. I hope that 38 treats you well and that some of your heartache starts to heal.


    happy birthday. may this be the year in which life follows art.


    That picture is just beautiful--you are so talented.

    Happy Birthday! And you're 38? Oh honey, I don't think you are going to get any sympathy from me on THAT. Yer still a pup, a young, frisky pup.

    For your birthday, I wish you whatever you wish for yourself. :-)


    Happy happy bday! Hoping you get everything you want this year.


    Happy Birthday!

    (beautiful work)


    Happy birthday! I *hope* this year brings what you're looking for. Your sketch is gorgeous. sigh. Jealous!


    Happy birthday, youngster. Love your artwork. I hope that you get your present this year.

    fisher queen

    Happy Birthday lady. What a beautiful image. Sigh.


    Happy Birthday Pixi.

    I was 38 when I got pregnant with my first keeper. I hope that comes true for you too.


    Happy birthday,pixi. What a beautiful picture. I hope this year is the year for you.


    Happy Birthday, Pixi! Love the watercolor (that is watercolor, right?)

    Lisa P.

    Sorry I missed your birthday, but hope it was a happy one. I love your journal art!



    beautiful painting!


    Happy birthday!


    Happy birthday! I wish you all the best in this upcoming year.


    Happy Birthday! Love that sketch, you have a real talent. Wishing you every dream come true this year.

    Mary Scarlet

    Happy birthday, hope it was a lovely one and the year brings you all that you wish for. Beautiful piece. Congrats also on having made another very generous gesture towards your somewhat estranged friend. I can only imagine how hard that must have been.


    Happy Birthday, Pixi! I'm so sorry my wishes are belated. I wish you the best of everything for the coming year. I wish you everything that that beautiful picture expresses.


    I missed it! But happy birthday, late. Happy, happy birthday!


    Happy BDay!

    Wow, it't my 38th BDay today too! Lost of love your way and let ya know, I so far (with fingers crossed) currently 15 weeks preggers (lost my first pregnancy earlier this past year)

    I wish it to be your year!!!


    Oh, that is hauntingly beautiful. Happy birthday - I'm only a couple of days late, right?

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