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    What a day. I have to give you huge kudos for going to the hospital and to see your friend, especially since I thought she wasn't being very understanding to you at your last meeting. I think you were a brave brave woman and my hat goes off to you.

    fisher queen

    Yes, you are brave! And a very good friend. I hope she figures out what a good thing she has in you.


    Wow. I hope you gave yourself a big pat on the back for that. You are amazing. You did the right thing.


    HOLY CRAP! Yes, brave... and TOUGH! Kudos to you...

    BUT! Let me just warn you... that if she doesn't acknowledge or appreciate what a HUGE freaking leap of faith you took today... and what that took out of you... I just might have to a hop a plane and let her know what's what in person! K?


    Wow - what a brave and strong thing you did today. I truly hope your friend realizes and recognizes the strength it took for you to visit her in that environment. And if she doesn't recognize that strength, I suspect she'll have the Infertile Bitch Brigade on her doorstep toot sweet. Just a hunch though...


    Thanks, guys. And yeah, I wouldn't say that I'm ready to sweep it all under the rug. I just felt that if she and I were to reconcile, it would always stick out in my mind that I should have been there. So I went there. Because it would have been too significant for me not to be there, if that makes any sense.

    And I must say, it has really helped to have you all backing me up. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.


    You deserve a gold medal for bravery and for being the bigger party, Pixi. When you're in our shoes (recurrent miscarriages), it's hard enough to visit a pal in the hospital with her newborn even when the friendship is going swimmingly, much less when it has been a bit rocky. My hat is off to you.


    I couldn't have done it. I'm in awe of you; that was an incredibly strong thing to do.


    Everyone already said what I was going to say! You are brave and kind and generous. You are a good friend and an amazing person. I admire you courage and strength.


    Pixi, I don't know the history, but I gather that this was a difficult and yet very important thing for you to do. What strength of character you possess. I only hope that your friend understands how difficult this was for you, and that she appreciates it, but she probably doesn't and won't, simply because most people are not capable of getting it. I hope that things turn out for the best in the way that you want.

    As for me, I'd never go anywhere near a newborn! I'd as soon burn an effigy of the friendship.


    you're a bigger person than me Pixi. I don't think I could have done it. I don't know. I'm sorry this situation is so painful.


    Man, what a day. I am glad you made it through, though it sounds understandably horrendous yet-- important. You are amazing for having done it, and I hope this friend can find a way to start working through the issues.

    Congratulations for completing what is (on my scale at least) the hardest thing you could do as someone in your situation (just above-- gak-- baby showers). Thinking of you.


    I admire your strength. I came under friendly fire last week from a pregnant friend and now things are altered between us.


    Nicely done, Pixi. Unfortunately, the fertile world will prbably never understand the selfless strength and compassion that took, but we do.


    I was going to post on your birthday entry, but I see the comments are closed...
    So, Happy Birthday, pixi. I am wishing for you that the coming year holds everything you hope for.
    And, I have to agree w/ the above commenters--you are very brave to have gone to see your friend, under the circumstances. I hope she appreciates that.

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