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    Boy do I sympathise about the waiting game. Every time I think about it, I hear the Tom Petty song The Waiting is the hardest Part...

    I hope your hormones sort themselves out sooner rather than later. it took me almost 10 weeks to finally start having periods again after my last D&C, but I seem to be right back on schedule, with no. 3 on its way. We'll just wait together, eh?!


    Sounds good. Sorry you're stuck, too, but it is nice to have company :-)


    I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. I hope the clinic gets back to you soon. I would have thought that hassling them tomorrow would be reasonable. It's only your life, here, after all.


    Yes, you're right, Thalia. Patience and understanding are fine, but they only get you so far. After a certain point, it's time to speak up!


    Yep, phone and hassle them!


    I'm totally with you on the waiting, and how frustrating it is to have to use bc while we DO want to conceive. I'm going to be on the pill for the next two months. ARGH!


    BTW, like the new 'about' pic. More info?


    Hi Nico,

    Yes, update probably tomorrow. Just had to get out my frustration about waiting today.

    I was heartbroken reading your blog today. So sorry things didn't work out. I'm thinking of you constantly...


    That's the problem with fertility treatments... there's altogether too much twiddling involved. What's a results-oriented girl to do?


    Yeah, the twiddling sucks. (Unless it refers to nipples or dangly bits). Our whole life seems to be waiting and passing time, pixi, well said.

    fisher queen

    Ditto on the twiddling. Looks like we might be starting again at about the same time.


    Thank goodness we all have each other to twiddle with? know I mean!


    Oh, my! Pixi gets SAUCY!


    More diddling and less twiddling!! Wait, does that make sense?! Sorry you can't get an appt til Dec. If you're feeling up to it, harass the Hell out of the receptionist and maybe she'll call you with a cancelation. What? It could happen.

    fisher queen

    If only diddling could work...


    From one twiddling sister to another! CHEERS!

    Waiting is a bitch.

    I absolutely love your blog!


    UGH - how frustrating to have to wait a month for your appointment! I'm so totally not challenging you to a game of thumb wrestling, with all that twiddling, no doubt you'd kick my butt!
    Maybe we can twiddle together as I wait for my first RE appointment...

    Lisa P.

    Twiddle, twiddle. Waiting right along with ya dearie. It sucks.

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