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    my lucky thing is red, too, and an ornament. i bought a red die (as in, the singular of dice) ornament this year for our tree, a tiny one, to remind me of the luck i hope for with little z.


    What a thoughtful gesture your friend made. I hope it's an indicator of good things to come and more understanding between you two.
    I don't really have any similar symbols, I'm afraid. Though reading this makes me wish I did!


    For me it's snowflakes. We had snowflakes on our wedding cake (we married in July but originally had planned it for the next December and didn't change the cake). It snowed several times at key points during the IVF which I considered good signs. And they were :)


    How nice of L to think of you, remember your symbol, and make the effort to send it to you. That's an olive branch if I've ever seen one!

    I've never even heard of a Kharmann Ghia. So I googled it. You can buy a white convertible for $6500 from a guy in CA! Although maybe that should come after the house.

    I've never thought of something like your red cardinal being a symbol, but we do have both a cardinal and a blue jay that visit us a few times during the summer, and I always feel inspired when I see them.


    P.S. The KG is such a gorgeous car. I'm a sucker for a convertible too, and that's a beaut!


    mmm, I love this story of L sending you a red cardinal. just beautiful. and she meant it. & any special symbols for me? well, there are lots of things that I think are somewhat lucky to see of find. Like a ladybird. Or a pelican. or a laughing kookaburra or a beautiful lyrebird in the wild. Actually an emu is an amazing sight to behold. black staffordshire bullterriers. and I love yellow crocus in winter. or passionfruit flowers. cracking open a double egg. things happening or falling on auspicious dates & numbers (for me 9, 10 or 11), some Maori things (like a big hunk of green stone) feel very special and lucky and auspicious too.... and too many more to add now (it's 2:33am here). xC


    I love this post! And what a lovely, thoughtful gift from your friend.

    Red is my favorite color, too, and I also love ladybugs. As for special omens, hmmm. I am not sure that I have anything along the lines of what you described with your red items, but there are a couple of things that can stop me dead in my tracks and give me an eery sense that the universe is trying to make contact with me. One is a bright, white, luminescent moon in a deep blue night sky, preferably with some swirling clouds around. The other is an animal -- could be a cat, could be a squirrel, could be a dog, could be a bird -- but sometimes I'm just walking along and suddenly an animal will cross my path and stop and look at me, as if it is trying to tell me something. We stop and stare at each other for a moment, and then we go on our way. It doesn't sound like much, but whenever it happens, it's like being put on notice or "high alert" for the rest of the day that something important could happen. (Maybe that's why I feed all the cats!)


    What a nice story, and a wonderful gesture by your friend!

    I am trying to think if i have any symbols in my life. none come to mind. but there was the one time last spring where 2 birds were, well, making new birds on the gate in front of my house. I stopped and marveled. (OK and I did feel a bit wierd watching the birds get it on...) but I thought it was a good sign that if some creature could get pregnant at my house, maybe i could too!

    fisher queen

    What a wonderful thing for your friend to do! That made me weepy. I hope you can work things out.

    The morning after we moved to this house, which I think is a magical place, a cardinal followed me around from the outside, as I walked from room to room. He would tap on the window until I saw him. Sometimes I think he is an old soul who used to live here. He still taps on the windows, and is now raising his cardinal family here! Whenever he comes to say hello, I think of it as a good sign.

    The Pierces

    Delurking to say...beautiful post...and that I envy your drawing ability!


    Wow, how wonderful of L. to do that for you. Just beautiful.

    I can't believe you drew that cardinal-- it's fantastic.

    I also love that you're going to leave the cardinal up. It's important we have visuals about hope. Somehow, I suspect you already know that.


    Pixi, what a lovely drawing! I wish I had the money to commission you to draw something for my sewing room.

    Butterflies are a personal symbol to me. My grandmother on my mom's side (not the one I recently lost) loved butterflies. I never thought much about them until she died but after that they started to mean quite a lot to me. I recently made my mother a quilt for her birthday featuring pictures of her family, including her mother, with a butterfly motif. Now when I see butterflies I think of the incredible women in my life who have loved me. I feel full to the top with emotion every time.


    Wow, I am new here. What a lovely post. I plan to slowly track down all the DC luncheon participants - not stalky at all! - to see what the locals are doing. I don't advertise I'm local on my blog, but I'll slide it in over here.


    Beautiful post.

    A flock of cardinals are frolicking in the trees below my office window right now.

    I wish you nothing but the best in the next year.


    What a cool post. My good luck symbol (one of many): Cigars. My late father used to smoke them and every time I smell a cigar I think of him and hope that he's watching over me, wishing me well, etc. Funny how something that used to gross me out (cigars) could make me feel loved and special now.


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