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    Oh, wow! Wow! I'm excited for you, that it happened so quickly this time. I *Hope* that the baby aspirin (and Heparin if you go that route) prove to be your panacea!


    Yes, we did it in record time this time, which is great. Now we hope to do something new & make it to the finish line! Still, it was definitely a blessing that we barely had to go through the "trying" phase at all. Because I just plain hate it.


    i hope this one is it for you! good luck!


    Oh my god, pixi--I am so hoping this is it! Congratulations! What a way to start the year...
    Really, I have everything crossed for you.


    Wow, Pixi! Great news! Congratulations!!! I'm so hoping for a wonderful, wonderful outcome for you!


    Yay, yay, yay Pixi!! I'm praying hard that nothing happens and you have a healthy and uneventful pregnancy. NBHHY. Congratulations my dear!


    It just occured to you think this has anything to do with rubbing the toes of that statue?


    Pixi I am very pleased. I understand why you aren't, yet. But I hope you're feeling ok. A little tiny bit pleased. We are all hoping very hard for you.

    By the way, if it was the bloody statue I'd like to know why he didn't kick in for me!


    Well. What a surprise!! Congratulations on this recent development, and I hope the news just keeps getting better.


    Congrats and good luck!


    Good thoughts are heading your way.


    Please please please please please let this be it for you!!!!!!!

    So happy... and yah... the statue!!! Maybe I should book another flight to DC!!

    fisher queen

    Wow big news! So this is what happened when you were away from the blogosphere! Hang in there honey. NBHH. Hugs to you.


    Wow - congratulations!


    YAY! So very, very happy for you. Maybe it WAS the statue. Hmm...



    I ABSOLUTELY thought of that statue! That was the statue of Will Rogers, btw, for those who are wondering, and I've read that any statue of Will Rogers will do (there are others in other locations that also have the patina rubbed off the toes). He's my new fertility god!


    Wonderful news,Pixi! I'm very excited for you. I hope this one sticks.


    Congratulations Pixi it's great news. Fingers crossed for the doctor's appointment - barge in!


    Wow! That's so cool...I'll be cautiously optimistic for you, now go get those blood thinners and anti-coagulants! (And throw a few Prometrium in for the hell of it...) Everything crossed.


    Oh Pixi! I am so delighted for you. Beyond delighted.

    I know that you're justifiably cautious - but that just means I can be over the moon for you.

    Thinking of you and wishing you all the best.


    Finally connected with the nurse and now the pharmacy is sending progesterone over to me. Also starting baby aspirin today, but I'm still waiting to hear about the heparin.

    Thanks, everyone for your well wishes.


    I have been trying to leave a post since early this afternoon, but arg gak stupid computer.

    I know you are being cautious, and who can fault you for that, but I am crazy excited for you. I will be sending out positive thoughts and crossing all my things for you.


    Oh, Pixi, I'm so excited for you. I really hope this one is a keeper. And I think I'm heading back to the statute!
    I'm thinking of you and hoping this pregnancy is not only healthy but happy as well.

    fisher queen

    OK I want a count. How many of the DC gathering rubbed Will Rogers' toes? And where is this statue? Someone said, but I don't remember who.


    Delurking? (Not sure if I've posted here before or just been a reader). Anyway, delurking to say congrats. Hoping everything works out for you...

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