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    Pixi, thanks for the update. I was wondering how you were doing. Your beta numbers are wonderful! I am very happy for you about them!

    I am also sorry that you are feeling overwhelmed right now. I think it's completely understandable, though. After all, you are pregnant, so you have the normal fatigue and hormonal mood swings that come with that, plus I think that early pregnancy is much more stressful if you have had previous losses. It's no wonder that you are feeling overwhelmed. I'm glad that you have plans to cut back on school and work soon, but in the meantime take good care of yourself and cut yourself a lot of slack.

    I hope that you feel better, and I'll be praying for a great ultrasound for you on Tuesday.


    Understood... just good to know that everything is progessing well!! Thinking of you!!


    pixi-numbers are great!

    and remember part of what you are feeling is hormonal pregnancy crap. you have a good plan to take it slow.

    will be thinking about your US next week!


    Pixi dear-ling-- I am so empathetic to how you are feeling right now that I just want to hug you and cry with you too! I am thinking of you a lot. No more words other than I am thinking of you and feel for you right now.

    fisher queen

    It's no wonder you're feeling this way. You are hormonal, and you are heading back on to very scary ground. I am glad you are cutting back on everything- it is so important to take care of yourself. I will be thinking of you next week.


    I'm glad things are going well on the PG front. I can sympathize re: the work stuff- its been hard trying to juggle all this crap and still be focused at work.


    I'm no stranger to panic or depression. Hope you feel better soon and glad everything is ok so far. NBHHY.


    It's good to hear from you, my dear. So glad things are progressing well. I'm sorry about all the stress you're under -- you've got enough on your plate right now without a huge workload, so I'm glad you're planning to cut back. As for your paralysis and crying jags, boy do they sound familiar. I'm sorry, Pixi, and I hope things brighten for you very soon. Thinking of you.


    I'm so glad to hear from you and that all is going well pregnancy related. As for work and school - you can only do so much. I'm glad you've got a plan for cutting back. Good luck at Tuesdays ultrasound and I've missed you as well!


    Know that paralysed feeling well. When I feel like that I tell myself to take one step at a time (and write a list). Really happy everything is progressing well with your pregnancy, take care.


    so happy for your excellent numbers! and so sorry for your overwhelming load. there is no right answer for everyone, and i don't recommend it lightly, but when i reached the point that the anxiety was making it *this close* to impossible to function, i went on buspar (pregnancy cat. b), and it's helped me in a way that my failed attempts at therapy didn't - it's relieved the physical symptoms and breakdowns. i'm still worried, lord knows, and still working on things, but the buspar lets me be functional. i mention this only because i understand, i think, some of your terror and wish you relief from it. you deserve some relief.

    Mary Scarlet

    Those are some nice numbers, and I'm sorry the timing isn't great with the huge load of work crap you're carrying now. Hope you can find a break point soon and take a load off for a little this session. Glad to hear things are trending upwards.


    I am so glad that things are going well so far. It's great that you can drop your work down to half time - has that already happened, or do you have to finish up the projects you have now first? I'm sorry that emotionally and physically you're feeling like crap. I hope that you can finish up thing things at work and school that are making you feel so overwhelmed soon, so that you can focus on you!


    Sending you a hug...Betas sound great! Problems with my JPG's. I was going to send you a KodakGallery album or even post pics of my work on my blog but both sites told me they weren't JPG's. WTF? I guess I'll just email them a few at a time, ok?


    What a relief to hear that all is going well for you with this pg so far. NBHHY! And those are some mighty fine betas, to boot!

    I'm glad you can cut back on things. What you described is an awful lot of *stuff* and sounds very draining (hormones be damned, that's a LOT to do at once). I'm glad you're making plans to take care of yourself. You certainly deserve it.


    Don't underestimate the power of stress - and I'm thinking work and school are probably at the bottom of that pile. Good luck.


    I'm very glad things are going ok and don't worry about us - although it's lovely to hear from you - just let us know if we can help in any way.


    So nice to hear from you. Those numbers sound fabulous. SOunds like you're under a ton of stress right now... I react the same way when I'm overwhelmed. Thank God you're able to cut back next semester.


    Delighted to hear about the numbers, and so sorry to hear about the difficult mental terrrain. The combination of first trimester nerves, first trimester hormones, and stressful life conditions is a killer. I am sending you calming thoughts, and wishing you luck at tomorrow's ultrasound.


    Thinking of you today, hoping the ultrasound shows all is well!!!


    Thinking of you.


    I hope the ultrasound went well and you're able to start relaxing a bit soon.

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