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    Just saw this....I'm keeping you in my thoughts. Usually spotting is nothing but I totally understand your freaking out. I would be too.

    Hope it's nothing. Let us know what the doctor says.


    Hope everything is okay!


    Oh, shit. Keep us posted - we're hoping for you!




    Damn- I so hope its nothing to worry about. I'm thinking about you.


    oh no. I am thinking of you. Really hard.


    Oh Pixi, I hope it's nothing too and I am sending you lots of love and thinking about you in white light.


    I can imagine that the spotting is probably the last thing you wanted to see, but hopefully it's nothing serious. I am keeping you in my prayers. Please give us an update if you feel like it.


    pixi, shit, i hope it is nothing. keeping you in my thoughts. update ASAP!!!


    I second, third, fourth everything everyone else has said. I am so sorry that you're spotting, and hoping SO hard that it doesn't mean anything bad. Feel free to call me if you'd like to talk or need anything tonight.


    I'm glad you are resting and feeling a little more hopeful. Got everything crossed for you!


    I totally understand the weepiness and terror that arise when you are pregnant and see spotting; I'm glad that you are feeling calmer now and are resting. Take good care of yourself tonight and good luck at the ultrasound in the morning. You're in my thoughts and prayers.


    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning.


    Pixi - I hope everything is okay. I'll be thinking of you and hoping you get reassuring news at the ultrasound tomorrow.


    Oh fuck. Let's hope it's just one of those scary but really no big deal things about pregnancy. I'll send some positive vibes your way tomorrow at 8:30. Hang in there.


    Alright... this could all still be alright... just about every successfully pregnant woman I know had spotting at some point... including the woman in the office right next door to me this very second... I'll be away from the computer for a few days but I'll DEFINITELY be thinking of you...


    Pixi I hope very hard that this is nothing. Thinking of you.


    Oh, Pixi...I'm thinking of you. I hope it all turns out to be nothing, just an old clot or something. {{hugs}}


    Oh, pixi. Just saw this and am praying hard for you that it's from a harmless cause. I'm glad your ultrasound is early and hope you get reassuring news.


    pixi...adding to that wave of cyber support and hope for you. My thoughts are with you. xxx


    Oh god, that's so scary. I hope your appointment tomorrow show's that everything's perfectly fine.


    crossing my fingers for you!


    Thinking of you.


    I'm thinking of you and praying you are well.

    the ockers

    Oh God Pixi, I really, really hope this is just a little bit of spotting and not a miscarriage. I have had 5 miscarriages without early light spotting BUT ALSO with my healthy, living daughter I had SEVERE (heavy) SPOTTING twice but she was ok. so I think you never can tell about these things. You are in my thoughts though. I hope you're being kind to yourself and resting up until the scan. Take care. xx

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