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    What good news! Congrats to you.


    I'm so happy to hear that the babe is doing well. What a relief!!!


    Oh, I am so relieved. You and your sapling will remain in my thoughts.

    fisher queen

    Oh big relief!

    Sapling sounds good to me- I'm mostly in the business of cutting them back though due to 15 yrs of neglect. Can't say that metaphor bodes very well for me! Yours is good though. Stay strong little one!



    in my first pregnancy my OB told me that you can have spotting around 7-8 weeks when the embryo digs in for a nice long stay. different from initial implantation. i bet that is what this little guy was doing. digging a nice deep spot for a nice long stay!


    Oh, what a relief. I've been hitting refresh since this morning hoping for good news! That's a wonderful healthy heartrate, and targeted growth is a great sign. Bleeding is always scary, but sometimes it really is unrelated to the baby.


    Oh, thank God! I am so glad that everything is okay. Whew!

    I hope that your pregnancy is uneventful from here on out...downright boring, even, but in a good way. You don't need any more scares like that one.


    I'm so glad- I was worried about you.


    Phew! So glad to hear that, Pixi. May things be wonderfully uneventful from here on in.


    Pixi, just, well, WHEW.

    I'm thinking if I was you, I might have burst into big fat tears at the heartbeat of 160.

    Do something mindless this afternoon to take your mind off everything.

    And here we are, your friends ITC, who want to be the support for you and your sapling. You can rest assured about that.


    Just came here from Katie's site. I'm tremendously relieved to know that you and the wee little one are okay! I keep reading and hearing about women who spotted during pregnancy, and some who even had some heavy bleeding without problems - their pregnancies all resulted in healthy babies.

    Just take it easy and be good to yourself. I will keep you in my thoughts - lots of good, growing vibes for your babe. Spotting, be gone! Babe, stay!

    Best wishes to you for a happy and healthy pregnancy. : )


    Yeah, I am so glad to hear that everything is OK.


    Oh, thank God! So glad you got to see the heartbeat and everything. Your comment about the trees, made me think of the little pine trees we planted two years ago, that one/both of us ran over with the lawn mower. I take full responsibility for wrapping WeedEater line around the little dogwood we planted, cutting off the sap and eventually killing it. Around here, not only do we not support life very well, we hunt it down, and kill it with garden tools...BTW, I'm at a loss about my JPEG's. I think it is because I adjusted/cropped them in PhotoShop, although I never noticed that before. Maybe I've never tried to upload a PhotoShop JPEG before? I tried both my email servers, KodakGallery and TypePad...I guess I'll have to re-shoot, because I trashed the originals. I may try turning them into PDF's before I give up.


    Good news and looking forward to reading the report of the New England bloggers.

    the ockers

    Oh that is just the BEST NEWS I've heard all day. So pleased your baby is doing well.


    Thank goodness you're still in business! I was so relieved to see your post this morning!


    I'm so glad everything is ok. The heart rate and the growth sound great. That's two steps ahead in my book.


    Yay! I'm so glad to see your update. Grow embie grow! Hoping all continues to go well so you can participate in the gathering this weekend.


    I'm so glad everything's okay.


    Glad to hear the spotting's abated (I'm spotting myself right now so knowing that everything is A OK with you eases my mind a bit) and that the heart beat is so strong.


    I'm so glad everything is ok! All we really have is 'right now' anyway, so enjoy the fact that things are ok 'right now' and hopefully they will stay that way.

    Thinking of you...


    Hey - is M still in C.R.? Do you want me to come over and do lanundry, cook, and clean for you? I am glad the ultrasound went ok. I am thinking of you and am here to do anything you need - OK?


    I can't believe I missed all this! I'm so happy that things are going okay, despite the scare. You must have been terrified; I can't even imagine. We're praying and hoping over here that nothing like that happens again!


    I'm so relieved everything is ok for now. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this way.


    The bleeding is horrible, I'm so glad that things are looking good. Take care.

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