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    Congratulations on reaching the 2nd trimester! I'm so glad to hear your screening results were reassuring. I'm sure you'll get great news at your 18-week u/s as well. Take it easy, and enjoy the work slowdown when it comes.


    I'm so, so happy to hear it. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is as boring as the first trimester!


    Dear Pixi, I'm so glad to hear you're doing so well, and that the Mammoth Work Project is nearing its end. I think you need a break!

    Congratulations on passing those two big hurdles. That news is fantastically reassuring.

    Start brushing up on your Spanish! ;)


    OMG Kath, you read my mind. I got out my Pimsleur CDS this morning!


    It was great to read your post; I had been wondering how you've been. I am so happy for you that you made it to the second trimester. Congratulations!


    Congrats on trimester numero dos! It's a beautiful thing.


    I am so completely and totally thrilled that you're in your second trimester now, and all is still going well. Good screen results too!

    Glad the work stuff is almost "done"... you'll be able to go to part time soon then?


    Yeah, Nico, that's the plan. My husband is afraid that I'll keep working full time for half time pay, but I'm really going to try and stick to 20 (ish) hours, starting next week or the week after.


    I'm so happy to read that all continues to go well for this pregnancy and that you've made into the 2nd trimester. I've been thinking of you.
    And what a relief it must be to have this project near an end and an easier schedule to look forward to.


    pixi i am so glad to hear that things are going well in the uterus! oh and with you as well, of course! yeah on the progress, the good screen results, and hopefully work will slow down soon as well! miss your posts.


    Congratulations of the second trimester! I am so glad to hear things are going well, and echo the commenter above who hopes that the second trimester is as uneventful as the first. Welcome back!


    Oh, and I forgot to say congratulations on wrapping up the work project...


    Over the moon happy for you! Work projects suck it big time. Uneventful and boring elsewhere - so so great!


    I was able to take a deep breath when I read this. Thank you for updating this, I am so very delighted that it's so far so good.

    fisher queen

    I am so glad everything is progessing as it should! I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. Smooches.


    How about putting up some new artwork, as long as you're redesigning your blog?

    Glad to hear that things are going well. Congrats on reaching the second trimester!


    Oh yeah, wessel, it's time for that thing to go! Think I'll put something of my own up there next time.


    Congratulations on reaching the second trimester!


    aah, good to hear you are still well and pregnant! It is so strange to read a blog with an image in my mind of you live sitting beside me in that restaurant so many years ago (okay, a month ago. It feels like an eternity.) My best wishes are with you.


    I can totally relate about the amnio, and hope you have no reason to need to do more than consider it. I'm also happy to hear you're in your second trimester! Hoping work slows down for you, and that you sail through the next three weeks and into smoother waters.


    Great news on all fronts!

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