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    A boy! How exciting!

    I hope that your doctor's right, and all will be well.


    Pixi-congrats on the boy. i know you would be happy with either, but it does seem fun to know.

    i am with you on the anxious ultrasounds. i really hate those damn machines. but it does sound like all will be well.


    Oh. Crying here. Because you have been through so much. Because of how stressful that must have been. Because - boy! I have everything crossed for you. So much loving being sent your way!!!


    hanging in there for you.


    Dear Pixi, that must have been so agonizing... and I'm so relieved they found no other markers. I wish you could have been spared that scare, though. You've been through more than enough already.

    A little boy! How wonderful!


    Delurking to say a belated congratulations of your pregnancy and a current one your growing boy!

    Sorry to read about the stressful ultrasound. Glad you're at peace with your doctor's advice. May it all continue to go well!


    The same thing has happened to a friend who is at the same stage of pregnancy as me. Sadly she didn't have a dr who could reassure her, just a stupid technician who gawped and said...I've never seen one of those before.
    Cue panic.
    After a lot of googling and phoning around she went to the clinic attached to her hospital, they told her they would do another ultrasound and check. This time round, someone who actually knew their arse from their elbow was able to tell her that it was ok.
    I'm sorry Pixi. It's a horrid and stressful time. And don't we all feel...fuck this, we've done our torture time, just give us a healthy baby now thanks very much.

    thinking of you.


    damn those stressful ultrasounds!!!! any chance it was some fuzz on the wand? no? well, it was just a thought.

    the news does sound good overall, and i will cross my fingers that it just gets better and better for you all and your SON!


    I'm sorry you have yet another stressful thing to deal with. But congratulations on your little boy!

    the ockers

    A BOY, congratulations. how sweet. and OMG about you having to go through further stress and anxiety. That DR sounds very nice to not be wanting to put you through an amnio if they already have enough data. I'll be thinking of you and hoping everything is fine and normal.
    and I just read on DeadBabyBlog one of her friends is 23 weeks and has the same CPC diagnosis. maybe email her and see if you 2 can share notes.


    How scary. I'm sorry you had to deal with that added stress. But it's great to hear that it's probably nothing to worry about.


    Oh, wow, what a scare...I think you approached the situation with a lot of good reasoning. That's what I would have done, anyway. Congrats on the boy. Do you think the Lovenox is playing a big part in the continuing success? I'm looking forward to having it in my next cycle. Something different, anyway! Take care, and thanks for checking in on me. I'm leaving my old house for the last time today...kind of mopey...:|


    I was hoping soon to hear whether you'd decided to find out your baby's gender or not. A boy! Very cool.

    The info you linked to about the CPC does sound quite reassuring, and with the doc coming in to look again for any other markers of potential problems (and not finding a thing) it sounds like everything really is okay.

    I'm sorry that you had *another* stressful ultrasound! Hopefully that was it, and it will be smooth sailing from now until ~mid September.


    So sorry for the stressful ultrasound but sounds like your doc paid close and careful attention. And it also sounds like you have lots of reassuring info at thit point.

    Congrats on your son!


    I'm sorry you had a stressful ultrasound.

    Congratulations on your son!


    Hooray, a boy! That's awesome, Pixi.

    I'll keep you all in my prayers...I hope that this cyst goes away posthaste and leaves you with many other reassuring ultrasounds. Hang in there.


    Oh, you poor things!!! How totally draining and exhausting a thing like that must be... thinking of you.


    That must've been so stressful. The information you linked is reassuring so I will be hoping with all my might that it turns out to be one of the vast majority of cases where it resolves itself. Nice that Dr. Google pulled through and did not add to the stress.
    Great news that it's a boy! Congrats!!


    It sounds like you made the right decision, I think I would have done the same thing. I'm glad that the baby seems to be ok, and to be a boy. COngratulations again.

    Mary Scarlet

    Hi Pixi, that is a very reassuring site, and I'm glad they had the second pair of eyes in right away to eliminate any cause for worry. But I am sure it sucked while it was happening. And a boy ... I'm so happy for you. Glad everything is OK.

    fisher queen

    That sounds very scary but I think your doctor is right and you are right to go with her advice.

    A boy! So exciting!


    In a way I hate ultrasounds - this coming from the u/s queen. We had a soft marker too and it turned out to be nothing. Sorry for the scare, but congrats on the boy!


    A boy--very exciting!

    I'm so sorry about the stress that you have endured due to finding the CPC, but your doctor's assessment sounds very reassuring.
    Even though it sounds like everthing should be fine, I feel for you--I'm sure that the stress was the last thing you needed.

    Take good care of yourself. You and your son are in my prayers.

    P.S. How is your dad doing?


    Stop scaring us like that haha! Congrats on your little boy.


    Hi, I came here from your comment on Amy's Tiny Baby blog, and I want to let you know that the exact same thing happened with my son and it was nothing. He's fine, he's two, as sharp as a tack and fit as a fiddle.

    Oh, did I worry, and I am the queen of worrying. It was all for nothing, though. I wish you the best!

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