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    I'm glad that your dad is making improvements - let's hope that he keeps on going that way!!

    And *very* happy to hear about your milestone :-D


    Dear Pixi, I'm so glad your father is doing better. I'm keeping all fingers crossed for a great further improvement and a complete, joyous recovery.

    Speaking of joyous, so glad about your milestone!


    glad you and your dad are both making advances. :) congrats on 16/4.


    I'm glad to hear your dad is making progress and I'm certainly hoping he continues to improve.
    Congratulations on the milestone - good news indeed!


    It's so great to hear your Dad's improving. And congrats on reaching such a fantastic milestone.


    I'm keeping both you and your dad in my prayers--for continued improvement and good health for both of you.


    10% is freaking low. I had a patient though with an EF of 4%. Just the fact that it improved that much is a good sign I think. And congratulations on the new milestone.


    I'm thinking of you and your dad and I hope that his condition continues it's upswing. 16 w, 4 d is a huge, happy milestone. Congrats.


    I'm relieved to hear that your dad's condition is improving, and hope that it keeps improving with each passing day.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy milestone!


    Hi! Just stopping by to acknowledge the day and tell you that we all love you. Keep on taking things one day at a time. We are here for you!

    fisher queen

    I'm thinking of you sweetie. You have a lot going on.


    I just read your miscarriage stories. I've had 6 miscarraiges since the beginning of 2003, so I feel your pain. Please let me know if there will be another DC gathering, that's where I live.
    Best of luck with your latest pregnancy.


    so glad that you are the most pregnant you have ever been!

    i hope you dad keeps getting better.


    Wow. I am VERY glad his ejection fr. went up, and I hope he is continuing to improve.
    And lets you must be about 17w4d. Amazing. I am so happy for you!

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