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    Oh, yes. The kicks make it all seem better, don't they? My favorite part (even when I'm getting kicked in the bladder or somesuch).


    I'm glad you're at the kick phase, it definitely sets your mind at ease. Though I still had to supplement that with the doppler until around 32 weeks, so I know what you're saying about the worry meter.


    good luck with your review and here to the kicks!


    Right there with you, sister. You have no idea how many nights I've spent saying 'Kick me, dammit! Hard as you can, make it hurt!' to my stomach. Or maybe you do... Glad to hear your Dad is hanging in there.


    Junkies for's so true. After such a long and shitful time it's really hard to just let go and enjoy and experience. Glad things are doing well and hope that work eases off so you can do more of what you actually want to do.


    I'm glad you're all okay and I hope the rest of your pregnancy is as uneventful as possible.


    I was just thinking about you today, somebody mentioned your name on another blog. I'm glad you are doing well.I'm with on the movement thing. I worry so when he's quiet for a while.


    Thank goodness for the kicks and movements. It is the only thing that has (finally) brought me occasionally into the joy of pregnancy that I thought I would never experience. So glad to hear that you are all well, and hoping you get a kick-ass review so you can call some of the shots. :)


    I'm glad you're getting a little positive reinforcement. I can't even imagine what a freak-show I'd be, if I made it that far. GL with the review!


    Glad you're feeling movement. I know it has helped me to relax with this pregnancy, as has our rented doppler.


    Dear Pixi, I'm so glad everything's going OK, both with your baby and with your father. Wishing you a firm but gentle kick whenever you need one. And good luck with your review!


    I'm so glad to hear all is well with the baby and your father. Hopefully this busy time will pass quickly so you can spend more time doing more enjoyable things. As for the anxiety, I had a recent car moment too. I hope those kicks keep coming and with them a bit of peacefulness.


    I do exactly the same when I feel movement, 'Thank you & hang in there'.

    I'm so glad to hear an 'everything is okay' update.


    I so totally know what you mean about the reassurance. Especially with the contractions I've been having. Every kick makes me feel like it's okay. Everything is still okay.

    fisher queen

    I'm glad to hear everything is OK, though the worries are horrible, even when unfounded.

    For purely selfish reasons, I am looking forward to you slowing down at work- I miss you!


    I am so very glad to hear that things are going well. The kicks must be amazing. I always wondered when the RPL-freak outs would end if i made it to the 2nd tri. I hope that these thoughts leave you completely in the 3rd tri. Please update more often! We need the sucess-fix.


    Oh! Kicking! How awesome is that!

    SECOND TRIMESTER, no doubt. WOW. I also miss you a lot too, and look forward to work slowing down so we can hear from you more.


    Reassurance junkie...very aptly put, Pixi. You obviously have a very considerate child, to let you know s/he's there by kicking you periodically! I'm glad that the kicks are helping you to enjoy your pregnancy more. Lord knows, you deserve it.


    Oh how I empathise with the need for reassurance (but you knew that already). I'm so pleased that things are going well.


    I'm so glad to hear that all is well, both with your dad and with your pregnancy. It's great to hear that the worry is diminishing--and how exciting that you can feel the baby moving!

    three minute palaver

    Hi Pixi. I'm so glad everything is good with you and your pregnancy -lovely news to hear... & YES, I'm back from oblivion after trashing my blog because of unwanted intrusions from the outside and starting another blogger blog with totally different names and hope not to be found again (might never use real names again, except just now). can you please change your old link to me to this new site instead. and I'll start catching up with the blogging community (as we speak). xClare


    The kicking is awesome. It really does put your mind at ease.


    Pixi, first off congrats on the continued good news. I hear you loud and clear on the worry-ometer regarding movement. There were days when I was hysterical b/c I barely felt any movement, and it was 24 wks, etc. But all was fine. Also, I too had a marker found at the anatomy scan. A calcification in the left ventricle, which was supposed to signify a higher risk of genetic abnormality. Even though our genetic screen showed 1:10000 for downs and 1:800 for tri18. Amnio was pushed on us. We decided not to do it - but upset doesn't begine to cover how we felt. As it turns out, my baby is perfect - absolutely fine. I just wanted to be a reassuring voice that I'm sure your baby, too, is good as gold. Continued blessings on your journey.


    I miss you!!!


    Hey! How are things? Good, I hope...

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