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    I liked this post. Britney can...well, I'd better not say. But she's hardly the sharpest knife in the drawer, so really, it's best to just ignore her? I think the big sunglasses are a great idea.


    Oh, I agree, elle. I won't be losing any sleep over Britney's stupid comment. It just adds to my belief about what a dope she is.

    How's the monkey?


    The energy is a trade off. I think that while I dont have the stamina I did then, the changes in me mentally would have more than evened the playing field. Im much calmer now and much more efficient. I have a different view on priorities and would easily give up some of the things that I thought were vital then.
    All in all, while I think I did pretty well based on my children as young adults, I think I would do a better job now.


    if i were 20 years younger, sure - i'd be more energetic. but i'd also be more immature and neurotic and not have yet dealt with the shit i needed to deal with before inflicting myself on an innocent new life. my child and yours will be better off for having smarter, more capable, less confused parents, and with a little luck their energy will infuse us with a fresh spark, too.


    my mom had me when she was 32, and she was already old. When I was 32, I thought we should start thinking about having kids. Then it went genetic counselor>dna testing>PGD doctor>RE>4 IVF cyles w/ PGD>Donor eggs>healthy baby boy. I'll be 36 in September. Apparently, this is the schedule I'm on - the timing has worked out very well, despite naievely thinking that the first IVF cycle would surely work!

    Your child will see you as young - it's all in the attitude. And the sunglasses. I'm so happy for you!

    BTW, are you near Boston? I'll be there for a meeting the beginning of August...


    Duh, Of course you're near Boston, didn't know if you're in Boston proper or on the outskirts. Will shut up now. Have a good day!


    I don't live right in the city but very close. I'd love to meet up, if you're available!


    great post. I love how BS thinks that being young means that you are more able to "instill so many good beliefs in your children." I think it is the opposite. Big sunglasses will always be in! thank you jackie O!


    BS -- what a perfect nickname!

    fisher queen

    It is amazing how many people in their 20s think people in their 40s must be infirm. What is that phrase? Ignorant youth?


    If it's any consolation, my parents had me when they were 41, and they said that they enjoyed parenthood so much more in their 40s than they did in their early 20s, which is how old they were when they had my brother and sister. They think that being more settled, more financially secure, and more mature in themselves and in their marriage enabled them to be better parents. My dad went sled riding with me and took me for bike rides; he was hardly decrepit in his 40s! I remember thinking my mom was beautiful and young looking, as I'm sure your child will think of you.


    Thanks, Jill, that IS a consolation -- especially knowing how great you turned out.

    Lisa P.

    Ugh, BS (love the nickname too) makes me want to smack her with my cane. LOL.

    Thanks for posting this... I've had some angst about this myself (tho' I haven't blogged about it, yet) because my mom was 36 when she had my younger brother. Nine years after she had me. The pressure's on (in my own head of course) to have a baby and now there's no way I'll do so while I'm still 36. But I have to remember that this is not unnatural... posts like your help immensely. :)


    BS has very appropriate initials, as she seems to be just FULL of BS.

    In my ideal world, I would have liked to be younger as a new mom, but at this stage I'll be grateful just to get there at all! I also like to think I will be better for my experience and hard won wisdom when I do become a parent.

    Youth has benefits but so does maturity.


    Honestly, I'd take any parenting advice Britney offers and run the other way. Really, you're going to be a great Mum.


    I'm staying at the Boston Mariott Cambridge - I have time on Saturday, Aug. 5 between 1pm and 5:30 pm. How will that work for you? I'd love to get together! I will have my 4 month old with me, if that's okay. Just let me know by e-mail ( Hope to see you then!


    My best friend growing up had and *older* mom. In fact, Austine had Susan when she was 45 (gasp). You know what I remember about her. That she was amazing, and brilliant, and kind. She was generous with her time and her knowledge. She was the mom we all went to with our problems. I would have never graduated from college without her help and encouragement. She got me my first job. She was endless patient with all of our adolescent mistakes. She was, in fact, the kind of mom I hope to be. You will be just like her.


    Britney Spears! Huh! I seriously doubt that she is a good mum as she claims. No doubt we'll be reading about how screwed up her kids are in the future!


    So glad to see your updates and get caught up. Congrats on breaking into the 30s in terms of weeks pg! Sending you many positive wishes as the big moment comes closer.


    Heh. And I was upset the first time Brit got pregnant before me... sigh...

    Glad to hear your updates. Can't believe you're so far along now.

    Hope you're well.



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