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    hehehehe... Frankenfoot! My swelling has been getting worse too - I actually feel as if my feet are bruised when I get home at night. I bought some compression nylons from Isis - I despise wearing nylons in general, but I do feel like they help keep the swelling down to some extent.

    Your shower sounds like it was lovely! It is a special feeling to know how much all those people care about you, isn't it?

    I'm glad you're feeling squishy about boys these days. I've mostly been calling Phred a he for the same reason, I was having a really hard time at the beginning imagining myself with a son. It's gotten a lot easier though :-)

    Thanks for the update!!

    fisher queen

    Boo Yankees. Boo Hiss. I'm not a baseball person but was so thrilled to see the Red Sox beat them (last year?)

    Good luck on the kitchen remodel. I feel your pain.

    And belated Happy Shower! I'm glad you had a happy weepy one. You deserve it.


    I'm sorry about the Sox. Meanwhile I'm just enjoying Le Tigres...

    There's only a month left? Good GOD!

    The boys across the road sound totally adorable.

    Hurrah for updates! We love you, lady!


    One month - wow!

    And yes on the Red Sox - actually I could have written that, I think I started a year or so earlier than my diagnosis, but that was it exactly and I'm hooked - well, now furious, but since they've just started back up again (Schillling BETTER have been in a hot tub for the last 45 minutes!), I have to run.


    Oh well, T, it looks like we (and the rest of Red Sox Nation) should have gone to bed early last night. God, it's just so frustrating!!!


    Dear Pixi, one MONTH? Wow. That's so close! Good for you for doing your kitchen now. (Does it count as nesting instinct if someone else is going it for you? ;)) And I'm glad your shower was so enjoyable. Small and bounteous sounds like the ticket!

    A friend of mine had such foot swelling towards the end of her pregnancy that she could only wear espadrilles. Even to her wedding!


    Pixi-ONE month left! but it seems like yesterday when you posted the "+" post. and I think the kitchen remodel is well timed. can't wait to see the results.

    As for the Sox, it might be the pregnancy, but I seriously got teary after this weekend's nightmare of a series. OK it really must be the hormones. But still very dissapointing.


    Oh I'm insanely jealous that you and Anna got to meet!! :)

    I can't believe you have just a month left. I'm thrilled to know that Mr Limbo and I aren't the only crazy ones for attempting renovations at the last minute. We've got 7 more weeks to go and only today started demo-ing what will be the baby's bathroom.

    Glad you're no longer as puffy. This swelling sucks. I've had my rings off for months and now my joints are getting so sore that I can barely make a fist, which makes it exceedingly difficult when I feel the need to punch someone for gawking at my rapily expanding front half.


    I can't believe you only have a month left!
    Those kitchen guys better keep working fast.
    I'm so glad you had a nice shower and had the opportunity to enjoy the day. You deserved it.

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