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    Great...something new to worry about; bugs in my pooper and cooter! Glad your puffiness is going down. And woman! You are as crazy as I am with the remodeling projects! Yi yi yi! GL! Sorry about the Sox...I caught a little of that NY game the other day...ouch...


    You know they don't even do the Strep B test in the UK as a matter of course? You have to do this sort of mail order test or something to get it done. I'd planned on doing that because I totally panicked when I read the stats, but when your baby is born at 36 weeks anyway you just have to hope you don't have it!

    My understanding is that if you take the antibiotics that there is a tremendously slim chance anything would be passed to the baby. Add to the fact that even if the Strep B went untreated your baby would have a very small chance of being affected. Those two issues together mean you have nothing to worry about. There.

    Wow. I can't believe you're almost ready to go!


    I am in mourning over the Red Sox. And I am with you on now rooting for the Tigers.

    Colonized, hee hee. There is a very slim chance that it could be passed to the babe, esp with antibiotics.


    Poor J was being tormented by my Dad in Fl (Dad is a Yankees fan). What can you do?
    Sorry to hear about the colonization but good news the puffiness is okay.

    fisher queen

    'Colonization' makes it sound very busy down there. I'm glad to know that everything is being taken care of though.

    I hate the Yankees.


    I'm glad the puffiness is okay. Mine seems to be getting worse (and more uncomfortable) by the day!

    It stinks that you're colonized, but probably good to know now rather than later. Can they give you oral antibiotics to take so that you don't have to go into L&D as soon as labor starts, or does it have to be IV?


    Yeah, I think it has to be IV. Which kinda stinks, because I'm told that these things can come and go, but as long as you get the positive culture--that's it. You're on the IV soon after labor kicks in.


    Dear Pixi, ugh. It's not nice to be colonized. The word "revolting" comes to mind -- as most colonized people will tell you!

    Oh well. IVs are fairly benign, and it's good to know you're being monitored so closely. Not much longer now...!


    Yeah, it would be nice if my cooter could stage an uprising. Wouldn't that be something?


    Gee . . . sorry about the colonized bits! Good that it's not serious though.

    waiting line

    "colonized" - eesh - what an expression! at least, it's manageable and something that the doctors/nurses can be proactive about. a very good thing.


    Colonized? How imperialist of those bacteria? Don't they know we're in the post-colonization era? Or supposed to be? Mm. Mm. Mm.

    As for the Tigers! Yeah! I'm loving it, and all the while, Partner is getting sick of watching baseball. I'd say you're a natural to be a fan though, with this orange background on the blog...!

    I can't believe how close it is for you now.

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