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    Um, yes. Please notice what I am doing right now (reading blogs) when I should be attending to the 3 million little things I have left to accomplish before what is looking more and more inevitable (labor of some sort). Glad I'm not the only one!


    Ooooooooooohhhhhhh....and also, yikes! Good luck getting it all in order.


    Too funny David Bowie. I'm like that in some respects as well - need the pressure to get it done. ASSVICE ALERT! Do as much as you can now - I know it sounds simple, but I know how hard it is too...


    Gosh, I can't believe you're so close. And that you're an even worse procrastinator than me. Once the babe arrives, you'll realize all the other stuff doesn't matter. Translation: you won't care too much anymore about it.


    I'm a procrastinator too. Perhaps all of us bloggers are? I hope you make some headway on the critical stuff, but in the end, it won't matter that much once the baby gets here.


    I've wondered that about bloggers, too. I know it keeps me away from the real world for hours and hours and hours. But I'm so hooked now, I don't know how I'd ever give it up. See? I'm a procrastinator AND an addict.

    waiting line

    LOL! deadlines and urgency motivate me too, but when I wait 'til the last minute it drives me crazy. while a little nerve racking, it sounds like your system works for you -- despite the intervening hours spent in blogland! I'm an addict too - I already knew that, but my husband confirmed it again yesterday. I just love catching up on everyone, hearing their voices, different perspectives and support.

    best of luck on your progress.


    i still had much hanging out there to be done when i delivered hans, and i have to say that in my state of shock and then grief i didn't give a damn and everything took care of itself eventually.

    happily, although i was better prepared for milo, the things i had forgotten still didn't matter, just for better reason. my mother and mother-in-law and husband have picked up the slack that matters, and most of it doesn't matter as much as i used to think.


    I still have piles of baby clothes and other stuff in the baby's room. Was supposed to do that this weekend. But I still have two days, right? I *so* know what you mean!


    hmmm sounds suspiciously like me...and i ended up going into labour a month early!


    Since I'm a few days late on this one, maybe you've made some progress?? I'm sure the important stuff will get taken care of in time - hey, it's how you work best afterall!


    Hey! How are you feeling? You're SO close now!!!!!


    That has gone so quickly Pixi! 25 days to!


    Pixi, I've missed your posts. Give us an update when you can.

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