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    Oh, Pixi, I am so very happy for you! He is so adorable.

    All my best wishes -- on your happy ending and even happier beginning.


    Congratulations! He is just beautiful! Enjoy your special time with him.


    Congratulations! This wonderful! Am dying for an update!


    Congratulations - I hope you feel less exhausted, but stay feeling like the luckiest person in the world. That's wonderful. Lots of love.

    Mary Scarlet

    How's it going, Pixi? Hope you're all well and enjoying the new family time. Thinking of you.


    Hi Pixi! I hope you're well and enjoying your new family! I know it's exhausting but we hope all is well. Update when you have a free minute and let us know how you are all doing. We think of you a lot and are so glad Baby M is now in your lives. Be well, and have a very happy holiday! -Anna, Mr. R & Baby B : )


    Pix, are you coming back? It's okay if you're not, I'm just a little worried. Hope you're enjoying your new lovely little one!



    Just checking in to see how you are. Happy Holidays!


    Congratulaions! He's beautiful!


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