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    Wow, I can't believe it's that time "already". I hate saying that, but other peoples' gestation always seems to go so quickly.

    Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery for your dad.

    Good luck. You know, with that whole birthing thing.


    How exciting - I'll be checking on you. And of course, glad to hear things are going well with your dad.


    I'm so glad to hear that your dad is doing well!

    And I hope that your cervix gets cracking soon. Can't wait to meet your little one!

    Lisa P.

    I share MsPrufrock's sentiments... pregnancies are flying around the blogisphere! (Sorry I haven't checked in more often, things have been crazy.) I am glad to hear that things are better with your dad and hope that things in the baby department will start progressing for you.


    Monday is your due date. Wow- how time flies. Hopefully things will get moving. I'm glad about your Dad. Keep us posted.


    Dear Pixi, I'm so glad your dad is doing OK. That must have been very difficult and stressful for you. May he enjoy a complete and speedy recovery.

    Happy birthday to M -- those milestone birthdays are always hard. I hope this milestone year brings him some healing, when he becomes a father himself.

    So glad things are coming together in various areas -- and I hope the baby comes soon, and smoothly. Thinking of you.


    Zowee, so close! So glad your Dad got treatment - it's tough to get them to do something if they're not into it.

    Let's go Monday!


    Monday! Man that snuck up on me. Good luck!


    I'm so glad your Dad is getting the medical help he needs and doing well.
    How exciting that your due date is right around the corner. I will be hoping that all goes well for the delivery. Maybe the contractors will be kind enough to take a family photo as you come home with the little one. ;)


    oh Pixi-how exciting. Wishing you a fast, easy and uncomplicated labor and delivery. I can only imagine how excited you are to meet your son!

    and I am very glad that your dad is getting the treatment he needs. My dad has heart problems too and I do know how stressful that can be.

    fisher queen

    Wow Pixi- I think a lot of interesting things are happening! I'll be checking on you.

    I'm glad your Dad got treatment.


    I keep checking back to make sure I don't miss the birth. I hope the baby doesn't wait too long to make an appearance.

    That's wonderful news about your dad, I'm so glad he's taking this seriously.


    Holy cow, Pixi! So excited for you - good luck!!!!!


    Wow, that came quickly (I'm sure not for you but definitely for me.) Good luck with everything. I know you will be an awesome mom.


    Wow - I can't believe your due date is upon us! I'm so excited for you! I am also very relieved to hear your Dad is recovering nicely. May he be around for many years watchng the wee one grow up!

    Only about 5% of babies are born on their due date, so I definitely wouldn't make any bets for tomorrow...keep us posted! Here's to a smooth and uneventful delievery and a healthy baby! xoxoxoxo


    Happy due date!? I'm thrilled that your dad is doing well and that your kitchen is almost there (which is more than I can say for my bathroom... serenity now!) Best of luck.


    I'm glad your dad's recovery is going well and that he is taking better care of his cardiac health. Mostly, though, I'm excited for you that your due date has arrived and wish you all the best for a smooth labor and delivery. It has been a long road for you, and I can't wait to congratulate you when you finally have your baby in your arms.

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