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    Just on a lark I thought I'd pop over here - and LOOKIE HERE IT'S A NEW POST!!! Yipppepeeeeeeeee!

    Em is SO adorable, pixi :-)

    I know we've talked about the end of the birth story, but it's still nice to read it too.

    And I hope that you do get to be pregnant again with the same result as last time, pronto!


    I still want to hear it!

    What a cutie :)


    Welcome back!


    What an adorable little guy! I'm glad you're doing so well, and I'm happy to see you back. I look forward to the remainder of your birth story.

    I had always sought "balance" in my work/home lives, and just this week heard a new way to think about it: harmony. Seeking to create harmony that works for me seems easier to achieve than finding a balance I can live with. Possibly I'm just trying to fool myself with semantics?


    I'm interested! I was looking at one of the pics from the D.C. lunch the other day, wondering if you were *ever* coming back. I'm so glad you have!



    How wonderful that you're BACK! And Emito is soooooo CUTE! I love the bee costume - that's what our Bee went as last year. We did Superman this year.

    It's so good to have you back. I look forward to reading more, when you find the time. I know what you mean - blogging has really taken a backseat to everything else, but I try to keep up. I've learned to become a LOT more flexible. Keeping everything crossed that your trying succeeds soon! Have a lovely day, and thanks for the update! :)


    He's DARLING!!! I'm so thrilled you're back. I've even been thinking about posting myself but you seem to have summarized everything I'm feeling so maybe I'll just point everyone over here for my update. ;)


    Oh wow, it is so nice to be hearing from you guys. Thanks so much for coming back.

    And, yes mm you should definitely post!


    he is really adorable, I hope he had fun yesterday. I'm very interested in the rest of the story.


    He looks like such a sweet little guy - so happy!
    It's wonderful to see a post from you. It is hard to manage all there is in life. I know I'm struggling. Guess it's nice to know you're not alone, huh?
    And of course we're still interested!


    Wow - that is a truly adorable child. Would love to hear the end of the birth story - but really, whatever you are able to fit in, whenever you are availble is totally ok.

    Anyway, so nice to hear from you. I think you were one of the first blogs I ever read about miscarriage (possibly the first).


    Good luck with the next try - you certainly did a great job with this one - he's lovely. Good to see you back.


    Nice to hear from you- he is so cute. PS- notice new email and username.


    Was really great to stop in Pixi and catch up with your news and your little boy is so gorgeous. Good luck with trying again and yes i completely agree it is so hard trying to fit everything in.

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