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    We've been really lucky in this aspect. Soon after I quit my job, I got the job blogging. Soon before that went away, I got another job working from home. Good luck.


    I know what you mean about the day care being an issue - I'm fine with the work home balance if I make it in all three days, but when I don't (like Monday when my mom didn't come because of the snow) I feel like I run around the rest of the week like the proverbial chicken. I'm in a very similar boat, thinking about other things I'd like to do but not really able to come up with anything just yet. Hopefully we'll both manage it with time and thought!

    p.s. nice to hear from you :-)


    Boy, do I hear ya. I'm in a 9-month countdown before I have to go back to work (for financial reasons), come hell or high water. It sucks. I LOVE being home with my son, but I haven't yet found a way to be paid for my talents without having to drive somewhere to do it during the day.

    Hoping you find a great solution soon. (And it's nice to see you posting again!)


    yup, no solutions, just commiserations. It's really tough, this balance act we have to do. I'd say if you have an idea, take a risk, you will almost certainly be happier in the end, even if you have to stay in your current house for an extra year or something.


    Yeah i completely hear this pixi. A few times in the near past I've been driven almost spare at not being able to work at home. C and I (currently both working from home) have to do a... it's your turn now, it's my turn now...thing, to ensure we both get stuff done. His is the most stable income so he tends to get the most time but I AM THE MOST INSANE when there is no time to write. It's a juggle, constantly. I don't know the answer yet, oh wait yes I do, I can have quality time with Tricky plus my husband plus get writing done but my house will be a SHITHEAP.

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