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    That sounds like a great class. And there is definitely no better excuse to get out and do stuff! I'm still up for coffee or dinner some night if you can find the time :-)



    Wow, it must be something in the ether. How great that we are both now getting back to blogging. Found through my sitemeter that people have been linking to me from you. Thanks for keeping me on your roll through the long silence. Love the pictures of your little guy. I'll keep checking in with you!


    Lovely to hear from you. Your boy sounds such a delight.

    I can enthusiastically recommend Gymboree classes if they have them where you are. Pob and I go to one every week and we have a blast. Plus she is totally knackered afterwards and conks out for at least 2 hours!


    Whatever you do, don't sign up for swim lessons on Saturdays! I can stand being a flabby over-white woman in a bathing suit if I know I'm going to be surrounded by the same, but apparently all the women send their husbands to the Saturday class. It's just weird.


    Thank you, Suz, that is a great tip.


    I'm with ya! If it's any consolation, my skin glows in the moonlight, blinding approaching traffic in the reflection off my pasty whiteness. I'll don my suit in solidarity with you, sister, sunburns be damned!


    That sounds great Pixi, I'm scratching around for some kind of movementy type thing for Tricky too... although I'd forgotten gymboree...

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